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April 6th, 2009 
10:53 pm - ART: "Relax, Kitten" (Fenrir/Draco - omg!)
Title: Relax, Kitten
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Fenrir/Draco (!!!)
Rating: NC-17, not worksafe (srsly)
Warning: Non-con, bondage, cuts n' bruises
Notes: I drew this for [info]lavillanueva for the 2009 [info]hp_springsmut fest. :D Thanks to [info]melusinahp for cheer leading, helpful suggestions, and the sexy title. :D

fenrir/draco, nc-17 )

I have had this unfinished sketch of Fenrir looming over a nubile boy of indefinite identity for like, two years, sitting lonely and unloved in the depths of my hard drive. And then I got this Springsmut assignment with a plea for Fenrir/Draco non-con, and just... yeah. :D Perfect. I had a blast working on it, though at first I felt a bit uncomfortable drawing non-con. Evidently, I got over that pretty quickly. xD

Original art post on hp_springsmut.
Alternative LJ link.

Fic Rec: Trio Springsmut!
My gift fic for [info]hp_springsmut was Schooldays revisited by [info]luvscharlie (Trio, NC-17). Fun and sexy, hurrah! Thank youuuuu. :D ♥♥♥

Fic Rec: Girl!Arthur/Merlin fic
So omg. :D [info]starcrossedgirl wrote a fic in response to the girl!Arthur/Merlin smut I drew for [info]kinkme_merlin!!!! And it's really wonderful, and loosely follows the canon of the TV show, and there is hot sex and... go read! By Any Other Name by [info]starcrossedgirl (girl!Arthur/Merlin, NC-17). *\o/*
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