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12th-Oct-2007 06:38 pm - ART: "Said The Spider To The Fly" (Bella/Narcissa)
Title: Said The Spider To The Fly
Pairing: Bella/Narcissa
Rating: R, not worksafe
Medium: Open Canvas
Notes: This was my gift piece for [info]dead_sexydexy for the [info]hpfamilyfuncest. [info]mijan very kindy wrote an accompanying ficlet to go with it, which can be found here. :D :D :D

said the spider to the fly )

Goodness, I haven't posted art in ages. Sorry about that, guys. But I promise more art later from the various Christmas fests I signed up for. :D

In Other News: EID MUBARAK!!!! :D Ramadan is over, wheee. No more fasting, though I was used to it and the hunger wasn't bothering me anyway after a month. My mother and I spent all day in the kitchen making samosas, shamai, paratha and biryani. I'm currently dressed in my ethnic get-up, looking very traditional (and dare I say it, wifely *shudder*) and the family is off to go a-visiting. Fun times!

*laughs at the juxtaposition of Eid and femmeslash in one post*
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