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2nd-Jun-2009 07:25 pm - ART: "Cabin Boy" (Star Trek smut - Kirk/Chekov/Bones sandwich)
Title: Cabin Boy
Fandom: Star Trek: Reboot *dies*
Pairing: Kirk/Chekov/Bones
Rating: NC-17, srsly
Warning: ....Double penetration. *hides in shame*
Notes: I posted a poll on my LJ to decide which Star Trek smut I should draw first, and Kirk/Spock was winning (naturally).... However I had this threesome idea stuck in my head and it refused to leave until I'd made sure Chekov got a thorough seeing-to. On the floor. In front of the captain's chair. By Kirk and Bones. At the same time.

Erm. *guilty smile*

Ostensibly, I drew this for [info]cathybites' splendid [info]soblazn_chekov fest, my prompt being: Chekov/Kirk/McCoy: Kirk bets McCoy he can get there first. McCoy is annoyed. Maybe they just get there at the same time.

Look Ma, no photo refs! :D Enjoy.

cabin boy sandwich )

Alternative LJ link.
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