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7th-Jan-2009 12:06 am - ART: "House Unity, The Second" (Rose/Scorpius)
Title: House Unity, The Second
Pairing: Rose/Scorpius
Rating: NC-17, NWS
Notes: This was my contribution to the [info]smutty_claus fest of 2008. My recepient was [info]i_octopus. :D :D :D I had fun designing these next gen characters, as I'm not really into them at all - they're non-entities to me, LOL. I also made an attempt to go back to the more elaborate background that I used to do back in the day. :D Thanks a bunch to [info]cluegirl for her beta advice. ♥

rose/scorpius )

Thank you immensely to everyone who reviewed the art when it was still anonymous during the fest. :DDDDD I was really surprised so many people enjoyed it, as the pairing was a challenge for me. So much love for fandomers and their generosity. ♥

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My Gift: And my totally amazing and unique Snape/Hermione gift fic was written by the incomparable [info]florahart!!!!!! *leaps for joy* I knew it would be a big hit; I saw that it was rec'ed all over my flist. And rightly so!!!! For those who haven't read it, I highly recommend, even for those who are not very interested in the Snape/Hermione pairing, this story will make you believe it is possible. :D

Seven Year Hitch, by [info]florahart. Best ever!!!!
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