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30th-Oct-2007 07:31 pm - ART: 'Ulciscor' (Captian Hook/Peter Pan)
Title: Ulciscor
Fandom: Peter Pan
Pairing: Captain Hook/Peter Pan
Rating: PG for Pan's nekkid chest and general evilness in Hook's expression. Haha.
Notes: Ecstatically pleased with this picture, I am! Crazy detailed lineart done with black ink on printer paper. Colour added in Open Canvas.

ulciscor )

And here's the lineart:
lineart )

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30th-Oct-2007 02:08 pm - ART: Peter Pan, rated PG
Fandom: Peter Pan
Character: Peter!
Rating: PG for nekkid chest. >:D
Notes: Second art post chez [info]moshes, yayez! I watched PP for the first time yesterday, and all I can say is "YES, JAS- HOOK, TAKE ME, I'M YOURS." Rawr. ;D

peter pan )

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