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10th-Apr-2008 02:55 pm - ART: Snape tattoo design, take 2
Character: Snape
Rating: G
Notes: A second Snape tattoo design, commissioned by [info]mermaid2000. If you want to use this flash yourself, you MUST ask [info]mermaid2000 for permission first.

snape tattoo )

*gets back to revision, wot*
17th-Aug-2007 01:50 am - ART: Snape tattoo design
Hi, guys! Thanks to everyone for friending me. The very generous and lovely [info]gwionfawyr has bought me a "permanently insane" IJ account ♥, so I can now friend you all back. Please be patient, as there are quite a few of you!! :D

Wow, so this is my first art post on InsaneJournal. :D Although this drawing is very very innocent and G-rated, I've made the decision not to post any more artwork on Livejournal (though I will be cross-linking). All my old art will be reposted here as back-up storage when I have mustered up the stamina to tackle such a task. Ergh.


Character: Snape
Rating: G
Medium: Open Canvas
Notes: This is a tattoo design I drew for [info]painless_j, she wanted a simple portrait of our dear professor in his teaching robes. I've never designed a tattoo before, so I'm worried I put in too much detail. But I've been assured it's ok, hehe.

snape tattoo design )

In other news, I was nominated in the Stargate Fan Awards!!!! For this picture of Daniel Jackson (wearing his bandana!!) that [info]saturn92103 commissioned me for! Omg!! Whoever nominated me (if you see this post) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I'm so unbearably flattered and honoured. ♥ Thank you. :D
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