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23rd-Dec-2007 02:19 pm - ART: "And Then There Were Three" (Snape, Harry, Draco)
Title: And Then There Were Three
Characters: Snape, Harry & Draco
Rating: G
Medium: Ink and watercolours
Notes: COMMISSION ART for [info]swtalmnd, illustrating a fic from her fun and hot courtship fic, And Then There Were Three (Snape/Harry/Draco). DO NOT use this art without the permission of the commissioner first.

and then there were three )

Omfg, there has been so much good art posted lately, and all of it porn. I am a puddle of smut-addled goop. My brain, it is scorched from the hot. I love HP fandom artists. 8DDDDD Look at all this!! And all these too!! God. *fans self* Alas, my smut muse has taken a holiday, but who cares when I've got these gems to look at instead? Guhhhh. 8D

In other news:
I.... have taken up jogging! With my brother! Every morning! Even in miserable cold weather! I feel so... normal! Like those cool people on TV who jog every morning! 8D

!!! wtf.
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