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4th-Jan-2008 03:31 pm - FIC & Art: "A Soliloquy in Eight Words" (Snape/James)
Title: A Soliloquy in Eight Words
Author & Artists: [info]snegurochka_lee, [info]lizardspots & [info]calyxess (!!!!)
Pairing: Snape/James
Rating: NC-17, not worksafe!
Fic wordcount: ~9k
Fic summary: The Prince's Tale chapter from DH, retold with a twist.....
Notes: This is our [info]daily_deviant Kinky Kristmas Kollaboration, which was meant to be posted on 31st December, but the art was a wee bit late (oops). Humblest of apologies to the D_D mods! *wibbles*

( a soliloquy in eight words )

The fic is absolutely amazing, as all of Lee's stuff is - so run, do not walk!!!! It was an honour to work with her on this project. :D ♥

On another note:
This picture is the official breaking of my spunk-drawing cherry. xDD Finally, I did what I've been meaning to do since I began drawing smut in 2004!! I drew Ye Olde Semen! It wasn't even that traumatic... I could get used to this. :D

Next fear to conquer: explicit penetration....
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