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8th-Jan-2008 02:18 am - FIC & ART: "Good Things Come in Threes" (Trio, NC-17)
Title: Good Things Come In Threes
Author & Artist: [info]inell & [info]lizardspots!
Pairing: Harry/Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17 and NWS
Drabble summary: Harry's neck tastes like sweat, cinnamon, and the strawberry lip gloss that Hermione wears.

good things come in threes )

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8th-Jan-2008 02:14 am - ART: "Three's Company" (Trio)
Title: Three's Company
Pairing: Harry/Ron/Hermione (OT3! ♥)
Rating: PG-13
Medium: Tablet on Open Canvas
Notes: Spontaneous threesome FTW. :D I have so much stuff to do, and all my brain can come up with is random irrelevant art. Bah. It may have something to do with watching Y Tu Mama Tambien last week. :D

three's company )

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