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30th-Oct-2007 07:44 pm - ART: "The Letter K" (Colin/Ryan)
Ahahahahaha!!!lask;ak;kd;akghdiosu7e :D :D :D

Title: The Letter K
Fandom: Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Pairing: Colin/Ryan
Rating: PG, I guess?
Notes: Based on the "Letter H" episode of WLIIA - here's the clip on youtube. Hilarious!! I tried to make them cartoony to suit the mood of silliness. *giggles*

the letter k! )

I am on so much crack. *headdesk* Um, enjoy! xD

Squee: And look! [info]rosesanguina wrote this fabulous Colin/Ryan drabble for me! *joy*

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